My name is Milan Cole and I am a real estate broker and the owner of JMA Properties. We are an award winning real estate firm based in Portland, OR and we have sold more than 1,300 homes.

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Note: This is a personal blog that has not been updated in sometime and I am working on a complete redesign for later this year, 2014.

The SEO Perfect 10

I noticed in Google today that I have achieved an SEO perfect 10 for my name, meaning that every single result is a page that was created or attributable to me. Of course, since SEO glory can be very brief, I better hurry up and celebrate.

SSH Security Notes on CENTOS or Debian

Administering a web server means dealing with a server that is literally constantly under attack. And having your server get hacked is certainly not a fun experience. So I make an effort to improve security where possible. Here are my quick and dirty notes on securing SSH on a new server.

First, we add a non-root user:

adduser myusername

And set a password for our new user:

passwd myusername

Now we give this user permission to gain root access.

vi /etc/sudoers
And insert the line
myusername ALL=(ALL) ALL

This allows us to disable root login in the sshd config.

vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config
And uncomment the following line.
PermitRootLogin no

I also suggest using key based authentication so you can disable password logins to ssh completely. For more info on doing this, go to :